Monday, 25 March 2013

Before Sunrise

A dark clock face is standing tall, silently as a ghost. The shadow wished there was more to life than hiding away. Slowly and cautiously he crept into the outside world. 

Sad lonely eyes are lit up by the clear shining moon. He has a slim skinny neck like a pencil and body like a stick.On top of his head there is a black tuft that points to the sky.   Alone, walking through the town, his eyes are stunned at what he sees. They are pale white and beaming.  Where is he going?  What is he searching for?

Gingerbread houses gloom out of the distant shadows.  The balconies are small and the doors are oval shape.  The statue warrior sits on the fountain in the centre of the courtyard, with trumpet statues making water come out magically.

A sudden glow of light  streams out of a window. It looks like treasure. He wants to explore further.  He starts creeping to the shop to take a look at what it is.  Once he’s in the shop he is surrounded by stacks and stacks of books. The stacks look like wobbly staircases. He is astonished.  

The bright glowing candle catches his attention. He is overwhelmed.  She turned her head shyly looking away. Her eye lashes fluttered out tiny fairy dust like golden stars.  The candle burns his hand and he walks away.

Suddenly he feels the candle being whooshed out, and he is completely horrified and is in despair. He collapses to the round base of the candles heart. The shadow is filled with fear.  The candle smoke is swirling, tumbling, and dancing and emerging into a shadow. She falls gracefully into a little sleep. The candle sits up and looks confusingly at herself.  The shadow is delighted. 

By Lucy

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  1. Well done lucy I read it to my sister and brother
    they both loved your shadow story.


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