Thursday, 7 March 2013

Story Start

The tower is gloomy and old.  It looks spooky as the clock face shimmers like the soft sky.  Glowing roof tiles lit up the night sky with flying stars.

The water is runing down into a glowing
shimming white stuff as it lights up the night sky.  The water go's all fluffy after the night glows on the roof of all shadows.

The mouton's get covered in soft shimmering moon light sky.


  1. This sounds like you are painting a picture for me with words. Well done. I am wondering what moutons are...?


  2. Hi Chloe and Maggie
    Your writing makes me wonder where he is and why is he there?
    It really paints a picture in my mind.

    From Lucy

  3. Oops - we have edited this piece as we kept writing the story. Moutons were supposed to be mountains. I love that we don't let spelling stop us from using 'magical' words!


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