Sunday, 26 May 2013

Editing our Quad-writing explanation

This is the incomplete explanation written by four different people collaboratively on Google Docs. We will look at the paragraphs to see if all the important facts are included.

The changes will be in red and follow these steps:
1. Does it flow and make sense?
3. Have we met the success criteria?
- clear title
- all the facts included
- paragraphs with topic sentence

Click on these links for the tools you will need for this task...
Editing tools

What is Daily 5 and how does it work? (This is a clear title)

Daily 5 is a way we do our reading.  It is really great because we learn about our strategies from the
(Does this introduction give you a taster of all the layers that will be in you hamburger? Do you mention all of the paragraphs to tell people what your explanation is about? Does it make sense to people who know nothing about Daily 5?)

CAFE Board:
A very important part of the Daily 5 is the CAFE Board.  (This is a clear key sentence. It tells us what the paragraph will be about.)
It has different sections:

C = C stands for comprehension. Do I understand?
A = A stands for accuracy. Can I read all the words correctly?
F = F stands for fluency. Can I read with expression - not like a robot?
E = E stands for Expand vocabulary. Am I learning new cool words?
Under each CAFE section are lots of strategies to help you get better at the target you are working on.  If you get get stuck on a word - just check the CAFE board for a strategy to use.
Every time the teacher has a 1:1 conference with us reads with us, she helps us select our next target to work work on every time we read by ourselves.
Anchor chart:
So we the students - make it about them - not us - third person know what to do during Daily 5, we they have anchor charts for each of the activities.  The students get started straight away and stay in one place.  They take their book box full of 'Good Fit Books' and read quietly - all the time.  
During 'Buddy Reading' you must sit EEKK.  This means you sit elbow to elbow and knee to knee, speaking in a quiet voice.
During 'Listen to Reading' on an ipad, you have to  finish the story.

Oops..... think this next bit through.  It has good ideas but needs to make sense and flow in sentences.

follow the words carefully. get all the things you need to start. chow a good place so you don’t get distracted.

the tasks are read to self, read to buddy and listen to reading [on a ipad].
You have days that you have a sessin with the teacher.

Why it helps me:
Daily 5 helps me get better at reading because - half way there but be general then explain the facts in the rest of the paragraph. you buld stamina.  having a good fit book to read gives you reading muscles.
1. get to read not fil in sheets
2. read lots of good fit books
3. get to make choices and buil our stamina

as you can see of bulding muscles we are really great at reading.
What do you think of the last three paragraphs? Do they have all the facts so this makes sense to someone new to Daily 5?  Can you find their key sentence and all the facts?  

Use these notes to help you edit your own explanation about Daily 5 on Google Docs.

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