Sunday, 26 May 2013

How to play Mine craft - Joshua

Mine craft is a game I love to play. The controls are w for forwards, s for backwards, d for for left and a for right.
Mine craft can be educational but it's still fun.
I don't play the educational version but I play the normal one because it's so fun.

I'll tell a story about MINE CRAFT.
I was in my home when I saw a figure outside my home. I looked out of my window. It was an Enderman. An Enderman is a tall big black monster that teleports and when you kill it, the creature gives you an Ender pill.
I tried not to look in its eyes but it was to late.

I had to fight it. Yay- I won. It was hard but I won. Then I went for a walk. I found a mine and in it was obsidian. This is a magical Rick that you can build and make a teleport with it. In real life it is a shiny black glass made in volcanoes when lava cools very quickly. On Mine craft you need to find a pool of lava and pour water on it and it makes obsidian. You need a diamond pick to mine it.

I made a Portal to the Nether. I made a home in the Nether that looks cool. I said to my self "It really looks cool." I began to live there.
The Nether is terrible. There are Gast killing you and shooting fire at you. Gast are made out of a bock like all of the mine craft world is.

I love playing mine craft because it is all I have to do at home and it's addictive. It helps me learn how to write so I can talk to other players.


  1. Josh,
    this is not the work of a boy who does not like writing. It is the work of a Minecraft expert who is handy on an iPad. I love the way you sounded out all your words and were happy to change and improve things.
    To make this even better there are two small mistakes to fix:

    Bock should be block
    Rick should be rock

    Stunning work. What will you teach us about next?

  2. Josh,
    I was so pleased to see you writing on something that you know lots about. In my Year 2 and 3 class we are about to start a unit on writing non-fiction and reading your work made me realise how cool this could be.
    You are an expert and can teach other people about minecraft. I wonder if you have more to teach on this subject. What other chapters would you need to add?
    Keep up the good work.
    Ms Donnell

    1. Thanks fore the great comment ill write one more mine craft story. I will put photos in this time of a roller-coaster.
      From Josh.

  3. Hi Josh,
    That is a really good piece of writing. Do you like writing about things you like? Keep up the awesome work, I would like to read more things like that on the blog.

  4. Hi Josh

    Thank you for teaching me about the Enderman, and Obsidian.

    I think you have LOTS of interesting Minecraft stories to tell. You could even write a story, and then re-create it in Minecraft, as if the story was on the stage! You would need a script.

    Now, there's a challenge ;-)


  5. My goodness Josh what a great effort this is - I am so impressed with your writing here about something that you really enjoy. Well done. Looking forward to the next posting.


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