Sunday, 26 May 2013

Animal Riddles byJojo

Which pet can you stand on?
(a carPET)

Which pet makes the best music?
(a trumPET)

Which pet give you just a little piece of news?
(A snipPET)

Which pet can spread with butter and eat?
(A crumPET)


  1. Jojo - this is brilliant independent writing on the Blogger App on the iPads. It is great fun to do some free choice writing during Daily 5 Work on Writing!

    I wonder wonder what you are going to write on the blog next>

  2. I really liked your riddles, Jojo. They might be interesting to draw, too!


  3. These riddles are hilarious. I wouldnt have thought of any of them. Have you heard of the sphinx's riddle?


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