Thursday, 27 June 2013

E team Endeavour and what we believe

Who are the e-team and what do we believe

We are the Waka Endeavor a group of 8-10 year old children from Springston School in New Zealand, who love learning. We share our learning on our amazing blog that shows us working together and doing Daily 5.

Team Endeavor work as a team like paddles in a waka. The waka keeps our targets on the paddles for us to see in the class. The first paddle is Ako, which means not just the teacher teaches us, we teach others.
The second paddle is know our targets which we write in our planner and evaluate our success. The third paddle is to show respect. This means we look after things and look at the speaker.The fourth paddle is work as a team. Which means We use the team rules of listen to others, join in, use kind words, help each other and communicate.The fifth is do our best. which means work hard and try hard, move away from distractions.The sixth paddle is get ready to learn. Which means get ready before school, have stationery. 
As you can see, waka endeavour is all about us learning together to get the waka down our pathway of learning.

Team Endeavour has a blog that they love because we share our ideas.
We share writing, movies, Fotobabbles,  evaluation, and photos of exciting learning in E-team Endeavor.
The whole world reads and listening to the thing s we leave on the blog, they leave comments. As you can see our class blog is very exciting, We think every class should have one.

In the e-team another important thing we do is daily five.     
An important part of Daily 5 is the cafe board because it has all the strategies to help our reading.
The anchor charts remind us to start straight away, stay in one spot and read all the time.
During Daily 5 we get to chose our actives from read to self, read to buddy, listen to reading, work on words and writing.
Daily 5 helps us build stamina when we chose good fit books. The E-team love Daily 5  because they don’t spend time doing worksheets they spend all their time reading and writing to build stamina and muscles. 

As you can see the E-team Endeavour we are a great class to be in if you love blogging, Daily 5 and working together as a team to do your best learning.  

By Liam 


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