Thursday, 27 June 2013

What is E-Team Endeavour

 E-Team Endeavour is a class of 8-10 year old children from Springston School. We have three favourite subjects -  sharing our learning on the blog, working together in a team and doing Daily 5.

The blog means a lot to the E-team because it is how we communicate and share our work to the world, and Springston School. They love it because you can share your learning and write comments. They love to post on the blog because it helps them get buddies and the buddies usually comment so that helps the E-Team get more posts.

In the  E-Team, another important thing we do is Daily 5.  Our cafe board has strategies. Our strategies are comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expand vocabulary.   The anchor chart reminds us to start straight away, stay in one spot,and read all the time.  During Daily 5 we get to choose activities from read to self, read to buddy and listen to reading, work on words and work on writing.  The Daily 5 is important to us so we can get big reading muscles.

As you can see, in Team Endeavour, our three favorite subjects are our Waka, the blog and Daily 5. These three are really important  to the Springston E team. It helps us create great learning and and shows the people of the world our learning.

by Jack B

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