Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Minecraft explores

Me and my friend Tate were playing with my dog. I turned around and Tate was gone. I saw a hole in the ground. Tate must of gone down it. So I went inside to get on armour a sword, some food and ladders. I went down the hole. There were so many monsters down the hole but
it was all worth it to save my friend. I tried to stop myself from falling down. Meanwhile Tate was fighting for he's life agents monsters. Man I need food Tate said. Hey Tate I found you I said. I need food said Tate. Here you go I said. yay a hamburg. My dog jumped on Tate. Bolt sit said Tate. Josh behind you. A creeper i run AHAH. SSSS said the creeper.BOOM


  1. We fixed sword and creeper. We put a comma in a list and fixed must. Well done Joah. Allana

  2. Nice describing!


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