Writing Process

There are a number of steps that writers go through to get a piece ready for publishing.  They do not publish every piece they write so they might not take every piece through this WHOLE process. 

Here is the individual student sheet that shows how each step follows in the plan.  Click on the image for a closer look or scroll down to each of the steps.

Step 1:
Writers keep their ideas in an Inspiration Book and might take a long time to use them.  Here are a few ways to get ideas.

Step 2:
Ideas or writing seeds need work.  Like the dough for a good loaf og bread, you must knead or expand your idea.  Here are a few strategies you could use.

Step 3:
Get you ideas down quickly in your Drafting Book.  Try drafting on every second line.  Be sure to date your work and add a title to the beginning of a piece.

Step 4:
For any form of editing, we use a green pen to show what changes you have made.  Date the margin of your book.  This is when you HIGHLIGHT any targets you have achieved.  You then look at your own Next Steps targets and see what you can adjust. 

To help edit your writing - use your 'Writer's Eyes'.

Step 5:
This is a chance to get help from a buddy.  Share your work and get them to help you look for things to fix and improve.  Remember to work through the steps of the Buddy Conference and complete the Checklist to glue in their book.  Tell them wat is great and give them a good constructive comment on what they can improve in their next edit.

Step 6:
Go back an make the changes you discussed with your buddy.  Now you can book in for a teacher conference.

Step 7:
This should be nearly the very end of your editing.  Be ready to share with the teacher all the targets you have met and what changes you have made.  Read it out loud and discuss any further changes that need to be made.  GO and make those changes so you are ready to publish!

Step 8:
Make the final changes you agreed with the teacher.  

Step 9:
Check in to make sure you are ready to publish.  All the work has now been completed and the teacher needs to sign your great work off!

Step 10:
Now is the time to share your amazing work.  If it has been done on the computer, it will be ready to print for your Writing Folder.  Think creativelly - could you make an e-book, Photobabble, movie or post it on the blog with appropriate images.  Begin thinking about your next idea for writing.

Well done for taking all the steps to be an author!

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