Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Minecraft explores

Me and my friend Tate were playing with my dog. I turned around and Tate was gone. I saw a hole in the ground. Tate must of gone down it. So I went inside to get on armour a sword, some food and ladders. I went down the hole. There were so many monsters down the hole but
it was all worth it to save my friend. I tried to stop myself from falling down. Meanwhile Tate was fighting for he's life agents monsters. Man I need food Tate said. Hey Tate I found you I said. I need food said Tate. Here you go I said. yay a hamburg. My dog jumped on Tate. Bolt sit said Tate. Josh behind you. A creeper i run AHAH. SSSS said the creeper.BOOM

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Team Endeavour

The E-Team are a group of 8-10 year old students at Springston School who love to all be in the waka working together, sharing their learning on an blog and doing Daily 5. 

The Team Endeavour have a class waka and the paddles remind us of our targets.
We show respect to everyone, We give our best, Never give up and Work as a team.  We work as a team to get our learning done.

The E-team Endeavour has a blog that they love. The whole world can see our blog and they write us comments to help us with our learning. They love it because they can share their work on the blog. They love to post stuff on the blog. It helps our buddies with their writing. The blog is a important part of Room 6.

The E-team love Daily 5.  They get to choose out of read to self, read to someone, listen to reading, work on word and work on writing. We have a cafe board on the wall that tells us what strategies to use go back reread, skip a word and came back, guess the word. The E-team loves daily5 because they don’t have to do any work sheets.

As you can see, The Team Endeavour loves learning ands sharing it on their blog.  Check us out and write us a comment.  http://springstonteamendeavour.blogspot.co.nz/

27/6/13 By Josh D

What is E-Team Endeavour

 E-Team Endeavour is a class of 8-10 year old children from Springston School. We have three favourite subjects -  sharing our learning on the blog, working together in a team and doing Daily 5.

The blog means a lot to the E-team because it is how we communicate and share our work to the world, and Springston School. They love it because you can share your learning and write comments. They love to post on the blog because it helps them get buddies and the buddies usually comment so that helps the E-Team get more posts.

In the  E-Team, another important thing we do is Daily 5.  Our cafe board has strategies. Our strategies are comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expand vocabulary.   The anchor chart reminds us to start straight away, stay in one spot,and read all the time.  During Daily 5 we get to choose activities from read to self, read to buddy and listen to reading, work on words and work on writing.  The Daily 5 is important to us so we can get big reading muscles.

As you can see, in Team Endeavour, our three favorite subjects are our Waka, the blog and Daily 5. These three are really important  to the Springston E team. It helps us create great learning and and shows the people of the world our learning.

by Jack B

E team Endeavour and what we believe

Who are the e-team and what do we believe

We are the Waka Endeavor a group of 8-10 year old children from Springston School in New Zealand, who love learning. We share our learning on our amazing blog that shows us working together and doing Daily 5.

Team Endeavor work as a team like paddles in a waka. The waka keeps our targets on the paddles for us to see in the class. The first paddle is Ako, which means not just the teacher teaches us, we teach others.
The second paddle is know our targets which we write in our planner and evaluate our success. The third paddle is to show respect. This means we look after things and look at the speaker.The fourth paddle is work as a team. Which means We use the team rules of listen to others, join in, use kind words, help each other and communicate.The fifth is do our best. which means work hard and try hard, move away from distractions.The sixth paddle is get ready to learn. Which means get ready before school, have stationery. 
As you can see, waka endeavour is all about us learning together to get the waka down our pathway of learning.

Team Endeavour has a blog that they love because we share our ideas.
We share writing, movies, Fotobabbles,  evaluation, and photos of exciting learning in E-team Endeavor.
The whole world reads and listening to the thing s we leave on the blog, they leave comments. As you can see our class blog is very exciting, We think every class should have one.

In the e-team another important thing we do is daily five.     
An important part of Daily 5 is the cafe board because it has all the strategies to help our reading.
The anchor charts remind us to start straight away, stay in one spot and read all the time.
During Daily 5 we get to chose our actives from read to self, read to buddy, listen to reading, work on words and writing.
Daily 5 helps us build stamina when we chose good fit books. The E-team love Daily 5  because they don’t spend time doing worksheets they spend all their time reading and writing to build stamina and muscles. 

As you can see the E-team Endeavour we are a great class to be in if you love blogging, Daily 5 and working together as a team to do your best learning.  

By Liam 


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

100 Word Challenge

Tim and Moby
Tim and Moby the robot walked through the forest. They discovered luscious grass that was as green as green and leaves blowing in the wind and the blossoms tickled their noses.  

Suddenly a whole lot of multicolored parrots swooped down, squawking noisily like mad over top of Tim and Moby’s head. Tim couldn’t find the map so they asked the monkey for directions.  The only answer he got was a monkey sound. They pushed through all the terrific tree tops then suddenly they found what they were looking that was big.....

By Liam & Josh & Lachie

100 word challenge - jack S, Quaid

The adventure
The boy and robot walked through the green bushy forest. There footsteps crunched through the branches laying on the ground.A bird swoop down and toke the robots hat.The bird made lots of squawking noise that surrounded them.Then they found what they were looking for it could be anything,it was shiny,glimmering and some of it was like gold color.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

100word challenge - Maggie and Isabella M

The Hunt!
A man named Tim went on an adventure to find the gold hidden in the jungle.
As he walked past the gummy leaves, he saw birds and bugs as big as baked beans!

Then he saw a robot, who was the keeper of the gold. The robot whispers in Tim's ear "I know where the gold is."
"Thank you," says Tim, with a smile. They set off on their adventure with the robot saying where to go.
Tim starts to see a shining light. It's the end. The gold! He runs and turns to say thanks, but the robot has run away.

Monday, 17 June 2013

100 word challenge

You’ll never believe it!
One day Moby and Tim were walking through the forest. The lush leaves lapped at their legs and they were anxious about finding their treasure again. 

Suddenly five multi-coloured parrots swooped down almost hitting their heads! Tim and Moby jumped with shock. They heard the low rumble and grumble of a lion which made a shiver shoot down their spines. 

With scratches on their arms and the leaves lashing their legs and faces, bravely they took a couple more steps towards a clearing.

“ Wow, ” they both whispered in amazement with their jaws dropped.  “That’s amazing.”

By Lucy.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

100 Word Challenge

This is an old 100 Word Challenge developed by the Brain Pop Team.

I thought we coul have a go at collaboratively writing the story - either wahat you saw om the video or what is about to happen next.  The boy is Tim and the robot is called Moby.

Brainstorm ideas as a team
Develop a comic strip of the beginning, middle and end.
Begin writing - sharing the task.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Class Modelling - Team Endeavour Explanation

This is the explanation we wrote together as a class to model the steps.  Our own explanations are just being edited, ready to make into a QR Code movie for our blog.

Hi, we are Waka Endeavour, a group of 8-10 year old children from Springston School in Canterbury, New Zealand, who love learning.  We have an amazing blog where we share our learning and love doing Daily 5.

Team Endeavour work as a team like paddlers on a waka. Our paddles remind us of what we believe and how we try to live.
Our first waka paddle is AKO. That means that we are all teachers and learners from each other.  The second paddle is to know our targets.  We do this in our planners and on the walls.  In writing we highlight our achieved targets.  Our third paddle is to show respect.  This means to look after things and always look at the speaker.  The fourth paddle is to work as a team.  We use the team rules of listen to others, join in, use kind words, help each other and communicate. 

The fifth paddle is to do our best.  This means we work fast, try hard and move away from distractions.  The last paddle is being ready to learn.  This means we get organised before school, have our stationery ready and stop to listen quickly.  Being in the waka means that we are all working together to help each other do our best learning.

In Team Endeavour we have a blog we love because we can share our amazing learning with the world. We share writing, movies, evaluations and photos of the exciting learning that happens in our class.  People from all around the world read the Team Endeavour Blog and leave comments to encourage us to improve our writing.  The blog also helps us be ‘Blog Buddies’ and collaborate with other classes.
As you can see, our class blog is an exciting part of Team Endeavour and we think every class should have one!

Another important part of Team Endeavour is that we do Daily 5.  This is an exciting and effective way to get better at reading and writing.

An important part of Daily 5 is the CAFÉ Board, because it has all the strategies we need to help our reading. The Anchor Charts remind us to start straight away, stay in one spot and read all the time.  During Daily 5 we get to choose our own activities from ‘Read to Self’, ‘Read to Buddy’, ‘Listen to Reading’, ‘Work on Words’ and ‘Work on Writing’. Daily 5 helps us build stamina when we choose ‘Good Fit Books’ and build reading and writing muscles.

In the E-Team, we love Daily 5 because we don’t spend time filling in worksheets but spend all our time reading and writing to build stamina and muscles.

We love learning in the Team Endeavour Waka because we are responsible for making our own learning happen, we get choices and share our exciting learning on an amazing blog.  Make sure you check out what we are up to on our blog and leave us lots of comments.

Ant Riddles by Jojo

Which ant is the biggest?
(a giANT)

Which ANT is all was a baby?
(an infANT)

Which ANTt is very good at maths ?
(an accountANT)

Which ANT is very helpfull
(a servANT)

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Editing our Quad-writing explanation

This is the incomplete explanation written by four different people collaboratively on Google Docs. We will look at the paragraphs to see if all the important facts are included.

The changes will be in red and follow these steps:
1. Does it flow and make sense?
3. Have we met the success criteria?
- clear title
- all the facts included
- paragraphs with topic sentence

Click on these links for the tools you will need for this task...
Editing tools

What is Daily 5 and how does it work? (This is a clear title)

Daily 5 is a way we do our reading.  It is really great because we learn about our strategies from the
(Does this introduction give you a taster of all the layers that will be in you hamburger? Do you mention all of the paragraphs to tell people what your explanation is about? Does it make sense to people who know nothing about Daily 5?)

CAFE Board:
A very important part of the Daily 5 is the CAFE Board.  (This is a clear key sentence. It tells us what the paragraph will be about.)
It has different sections:

C = C stands for comprehension. Do I understand?
A = A stands for accuracy. Can I read all the words correctly?
F = F stands for fluency. Can I read with expression - not like a robot?
E = E stands for Expand vocabulary. Am I learning new cool words?
Under each CAFE section are lots of strategies to help you get better at the target you are working on.  If you get get stuck on a word - just check the CAFE board for a strategy to use.
Every time the teacher has a 1:1 conference with us reads with us, she helps us select our next target to work work on every time we read by ourselves.
Anchor chart:
So we the students - make it about them - not us - third person know what to do during Daily 5, we they have anchor charts for each of the activities.  The students get started straight away and stay in one place.  They take their book box full of 'Good Fit Books' and read quietly - all the time.  
During 'Buddy Reading' you must sit EEKK.  This means you sit elbow to elbow and knee to knee, speaking in a quiet voice.
During 'Listen to Reading' on an ipad, you have to  finish the story.

Oops..... think this next bit through.  It has good ideas but needs to make sense and flow in sentences.

follow the words carefully. get all the things you need to start. chow a good place so you don’t get distracted.

the tasks are read to self, read to buddy and listen to reading [on a ipad].
You have days that you have a sessin with the teacher.

Why it helps me:
Daily 5 helps me get better at reading because - half way there but be general then explain the facts in the rest of the paragraph. you buld stamina.  having a good fit book to read gives you reading muscles.
1. get to read not fil in sheets
2. read lots of good fit books
3. get to make choices and buil our stamina

as you can see of bulding muscles we are really great at reading.
What do you think of the last three paragraphs? Do they have all the facts so this makes sense to someone new to Daily 5?  Can you find their key sentence and all the facts?  

Use these notes to help you edit your own explanation about Daily 5 on Google Docs.

How to play Mine craft - Joshua

Mine craft is a game I love to play. The controls are w for forwards, s for backwards, d for for left and a for right.
Mine craft can be educational but it's still fun.
I don't play the educational version but I play the normal one because it's so fun.

I'll tell a story about MINE CRAFT.
I was in my home when I saw a figure outside my home. I looked out of my window. It was an Enderman. An Enderman is a tall big black monster that teleports and when you kill it, the creature gives you an Ender pill.
I tried not to look in its eyes but it was to late.

I had to fight it. Yay- I won. It was hard but I won. Then I went for a walk. I found a mine and in it was obsidian. This is a magical Rick that you can build and make a teleport with it. In real life it is a shiny black glass made in volcanoes when lava cools very quickly. On Mine craft you need to find a pool of lava and pour water on it and it makes obsidian. You need a diamond pick to mine it.

I made a Portal to the Nether. I made a home in the Nether that looks cool. I said to my self "It really looks cool." I began to live there.
The Nether is terrible. There are Gast killing you and shooting fire at you. Gast are made out of a bock like all of the mine craft world is.

I love playing mine craft because it is all I have to do at home and it's addictive. It helps me learn how to write so I can talk to other players.

Animal Riddles byJojo

Which pet can you stand on?
(a carPET)

Which pet makes the best music?
(a trumPET)

Which pet give you just a little piece of news?
(A snipPET)

Which pet can spread with butter and eat?
(A crumPET)

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Explanations - Success Criteria

An explanation explains how something works or how a physical feature came to be (Why the kiwi can't fly).
What should be in an explanation.  What are the success criteria?

As you write or make comments on our explanations, look carefully at these success criteria.  Can you see them in our writing?  What do we need to work on next?

What success criteria have we selected for our target?  Check out the display in the class.  We might even write our target in a comment on the blog. 

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Before Sunrise Movie - Estee

This is the final production of Estee's version of the story for the silent movie 'Before Sunrise'.  I love the way she uses such expression as she reads the narrative behind the movie.  She has also used her voice creatively to create the spooky background music.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

100 word challenge - Chocolate puddle

You might think that falling into a giant puddle of chocolate is what dreams are made of, but I know it's not!  

Moment in time…
There is no time to lick the luscious smear off my face, as I desperately try to grab a breath, before bobbing back under the gloopy mess. My eyes are scrunched shut to avoid flying explosions that splatter like paint pellets.  Thick dribbles run down my chin in camouflage design.  Chocolate boils around my flailing arms as I trying to stay afloat.  

Remember - think carefully before making a wish as it might come true!

Allana - teacher

Can you answer thee questions about my attempt at the 100 word challenge?
What changes between the paragraphs?  
Who is talking?
What tense is used - past, present, future?
What similes are used?
Why are there three paragraphs?

Friday, 19 April 2013

Blog nomination @ #comments4kids

The #comments4kids website recommended this blog to the followers around the world to visit and write comments.
wmchamberlain, the blog writer said:
I don't ordinarily spotlight back to back blogs from the same students, but if you look through their blog you will see why.

Our class blog sprinstonteamendeavour.blogspot.co.nz had been the focus blog the day before.  We are very proud of having exciting blogs that give us a place to share with our audience.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Visit our writing visitors

You are going to need the URL of this class blog for visiting on Friday and in the school holiday.  Their teacher is showing the class our writing blog today and we are expecting some comments.  Let's give their writing some comments too!