Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Before Sunrise Movie - Estee

This is the final production of Estee's version of the story for the silent movie 'Before Sunrise'.  I love the way she uses such expression as she reads the narrative behind the movie.  She has also used her voice creatively to create the spooky background music.


  1. Dear Estee
    I'm so impressed with the way the movie and your narrative have come together!
    I think you've managed to create atmosphere with the background noises, and your choice of descriptive words in your narrative make the storyline effective and interesting.
    I also noticed that in parts you slowed your voice or used it in other ways to add effect.

    Well done
    Mrs McKenzie from B4, Reefton

  2. Hi Estee
    I like how you describe the shadow and how you made the music.
    I think you need to talk slower.
    How did you get the music to go at the same time as your voice?

    from Chloe


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