Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Before Sunrise Character

His eyes light up white bright by the moon.
He has a twirl at the top of his head.
The strange creature is skinny and
moves slowly.
He has black lips and they don't
say much.

By Estee

Before Sunrise Character

His eyes were drooping down  as he walked really smooth and slow.  He didn't  think he should be there.
His long skinny body moved silently through the dark village.  It is a mystery where he is supposed to be.

By Bella 8 Years old

Before Sunrise Character

His lonely sad eyes are lit up by the shimmering moon as he searches the dark shadows.  Cotton wool clouds silently dance in the sky behind his almond shaped head, lighting up his top tuft like an antennae.  He doesn't know what he's searching for but, a strong pull forces his feet to move and creases a wrinkle in his brow.


Monday, 25 February 2013

Getting started with character descriptions

We looked at part of the movie 'Before Sunrise' and carefully at the picture of the 'shadow' person.

We listed all the things we could see, or nouns.

Then we looked at all the creative ways to describe them or 'adjectives'.  This was a word-bank we used to help in our 10 minute character description writing.  We had to stick to 5 sentences or less so it was important to choose strong words.

We will publish some of our ideas once we have used our 'Writer's Eyes' to help edit and checked our writing targets.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise: (Character development challenge)
 Who is this character? 
Take five sentences to describe this character.

NOW - take a look at the movie below.  Brainstorm everything you learn about this character that will help you tell his story. 

100 Word Challenge

Check out the link to this writing challenge.  You are given an image (picture) to write ONLY 100 words about.  This will make you think carefully about selecting the best words and keeping the piece shourt and interesting for your audience.


The audience ...... not just us!  Your piece gets posted on our blog then linked to the 100 Word Challenge Blog for a huge number of people to look at and comment on.  This is why you must keep going back and editing till you work is THE BEST IT CAN BE!

Welcome to your writing blog

This is the place where you will be given 'Writing Challenges' and can publish your 'Writing Seeds', thoughts or just anything you have been working on.  Remember that it is for the WHOLE WORLD to see so there are some rules...

1.  No personal information (Last name, address, phone number)
2.  Keep the content kind, interesting and appropriate to your audience
3.  Ask permission before inserting a photo (from Allana and the person in the photo)
4.  Give your best ideas and editing - you might want to return and re-edit after you get comments
5.  Add your name as a label - capital letter to start