Sunday, 7 April 2013

100 word challenge

Your challenge is to use all the descriptive tools we have been learning about to write a description of this picture - in just 100 words.  It might see like a lot but really it is only about 3-5 sentences.

Tasks in order:
1.  Look at the picture carefully
2.  Brainsotrm a collection of nouns - things you can see.... hair, eyes, mouth, drips, neck, ears
3.  Brainstorm all the adjectives to describe those nouns .. spiky hair like it was dipped in chocolate
4.  List all the action or verbs in the image... smile, close eyes, paddle,
5.  Brainstorm the adverbs - words that describe how the action happens ...squint eyes closed tightly
6.  Decide on the tense - you are telling what happened in the past - squinted, paddled, splashed
7.  Begin writing your piece
8.  Share with a buddy and work through the 'Writer's Eyes' editing sheets

Visit this link if you need to get some inspiration.  This is what 100 words really looiks like...

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