Thursday, 11 April 2013

Treasure in the Library

The Shadow wondered why he was stuck in the dark alone without any company.  In the gloom the shadow had begun his search but he didn’t know it.  Bravely he walked out into the dark night.

He stands out against the moon. His eyes look sad and lonely but he moves gracefully and swiftly.  Twinkling stars are scattered across the sky while the moon is shining in the night sky. The Shadow looks like a burnt candle against the moon as his eyes drift down feeling lonely.

After a long time walking he sees a golden light in a window.  It was square and wide.  The light is glowing like treasure and he wants to get closer.  The shadow creeps slowly and swiftly across the valley that was lit by moonlight to get to the golden light.  He had to climb up steps they were very steep.  Once he got inside he gasped.  There were piles and piles of books and they were all around him.

Something caught his eye.  He saw a  candle.  She fluttered her lashes and fairy dust sprinkled out to show she liked him.   He reached forward to touch her but got burnt.  

All of a sudden, the candle was blown out!  The Shadow looked horrified and everything was pitch black.  He collapsed in despair and hugged her dark base.  Smoke rose from the candle and swirled in the air.  It slowly formed into a girl shadow.  She was alive.


  1. Dear Freya,

    I am Thomas, one of the kids from QSI International School of Sarajevo. I like how you used this eerie black goop that looked like a face, and put it together with the candle that looked like a face. My nickname was Shadow on a soccer team I played for before. Just like the shadow in the story. Shadows can be anywhere, if you are at a certain angle when reflecting from light. One last thing; Do you have a nickname of some sort? Well, hope to hear back!


    Thomas B.

    P.S: I hope you can get a chance to look at my blog, that I would think you would enjoy.

  2. very nice story

  3. Wonderful! At first I thought this piece of writing was written by a professional author when I started reading it. From Selma (QSI Sarajevo, 3rd grade)


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