Wednesday, 17 April 2013

100 Word Challenge

I was watering the garden when I fell into a mud puddle that looked just like melted chocolate.  I couldn’t get out because the mud was too gloopy and kept sticking solid around my body.  

One thousand years later, scientists found me fossilized in mud.  They thought I was dead like a person from Pompeii so they put me on display in a science museum.  

After ten years in the museum, I started to chip my way out.  
After all that time, I have learned to keep away from the garden and now I spend my time on the computer.  


  1. Josh - you have proved that having good ideas wins over not liking to write!

    I love that you had the idea about the people stuck in the eruption and we had to search the Internet for the name of Pompeii. You have used what you know to make the writing interesting.

    I think your ending is very clever and it makes me smile.

  2. The end is very funny! I also think that you used very good descriptions. It is a great creative story. I also like how you used some real facts in the story. From Selma (QSI Sarajevo, 3rd grade)

  3. Sarah

    I love your creative piece of writing! I love how you made a very happy and funny ending.

  4. Hi Josh,
    We like how you say how it looks like chocolate when you were watering the garden.
    We also like how you used descriptive words. We don't think you need to work on anything.

    From Lucy and Chloe


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