Thursday, 11 April 2013

Before Sunrise

The shadow wished if he could have a better life in the town.  The tower stands tall and looks gloomy. The tower is strange and it looks like pale black mountains.  The Shadow steps out into the night and calmly flies through the dark alleyways.

After walking a long time, the Shadow sees a bright shimmering light coming from a window.  His eyes get light and start to glow. The Shadow’s neck gets longer as the night sky gets blue.  He walks in to a bright light of the library.  As the Shadow wanders through towers of books, his eyes turn black with surprise.

The shadow saw a candle.  She turned around in shyness and it looked like golden diamonds as she fluttered her eyelashes. He put out his hand and it got burnt.  

Suddenly the man blew the candle out and the Shadow fell to the ground and he hugged her.  While he was sad and lonely, her smoke came out the back and made a girl shadow.   

By Chloe 7 years old


  1. very good gob

  2. So cool! I think it is very interesting. Maybe you could write a second part. From Selma (QSI Sarajevo, 3rd grade)


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