Friday, 12 April 2013

Writing using a movie to motivate and scaffold

Our class has been using movies to help us write descriptive stories.  The movie this term has been from the Literacy Shed and is called Before Sunrise.

First, we watched the start of the movie to meet the main character and we described what he looked like.

After watching the whole movie we pasted the pictures in order and wrote a sentence summary beneath  each of them to give an overview of the story.

At each main point, we watched a small clip of the movie, discussed what we could see then gathered adverbs, adjectives and 'Magical Words' in a word bank that we could all use.

We went away to write the 2-4 sentences, then shared our best bits.  This helped the children who were stuck or needed some new ideas.

We always highlighter marked for our personal target and use 'Writer's Eyes' to edit our work in green pen.

The biggest challenge was to type up all our work in Pages as we were editing it and then have a final conference with the teacher before posting it on the blog.

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