Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Story Start

The village is dark because it is 5 o'clock at night.  

There are no-one to be seen. 

The clock is shining brightly something is happening. The buildings are creaking. The reflection of the moon on the roof is like shooting stars. 

Around the doors there are carved patterns like worms digging holes in the dirt.


  1. George and Phelix, I love the way you said the door patterns are like worms digging holes in the dirt. It is a strong simile that paints a clear picture in my head.
    I wonder if you read the second sentence out loud - would you hear that something is not quite right? Is it there are no-one or there is no-one?

  2. To George and Phelix,
    I like the way you used similes that paint pictures in peoples minds. it painted a big picture in my mind.

    From Lucy


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